Intro to Holistic Therapy: We Have What We Need To Be Whole

Holistic therapy is a positive, life-affirming psychology in service to the soul. At this very moment, you know the path to your own personal fulfillment, but how do you get from where you are to where you want to be? Holistic therapy teaches us that we all have everything we need inside of us to be whole. My work is to help you access your internal resources to achieve your goals.

What is holistic therapy?

The Greeks defined “holos” as that which is whole or complete. In holistic therapy, we begin with the recognition that the client indeed is whole and complete.

Together, therapist and client work to excavate the wounds and learned defenses preventing a full flowering of that wholeness.

In holistic therapy we focus on body, mind and spirit to heal the stuck or damaged places using specific healing methods that are right for you.

Who benefits?

Holistic therapy has much to offer couples who want to strengthen their relationship, individuals seeking recovery from anxiety, depression or other blockages that stand in their way, and those on a personal or spiritual growth path who long to cultivate their fire.

Finding your fire

The Ohlone people of California tell the story of how the hummingbird brought fire to heal the world after the waters of the ocean buried the land under the sea. It is a story that for me epitomizes the difficult but beautiful work we do together in holistic therapy.

Fire is about passion and purpose. Fire lights our way and burns through all the blockages–uncertainty, sadness, fear–that stand in our path. In holistic therapy, our work together is to rediscover and reclaim your fire.

Holistic healing methods

In holistic therapy, we use tools and methods that allow you to address the pain while always remembering that we are already whole.

In my own practice, I use a number of different healing modalities, including:

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Jamie Rizzo

Jamie Rizzo

I am an LMFT serving all of California through Teletherapy.