Individual Therapy

****Teletherapy only at this time****

You realize what you're doing no longer works for you. You are ready to learn new coping skills and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Life transitions have led you to this point, and you are seeking therapy to assist you in healing and moving forward into the life you want to live. You long to thrive rather than merely survive each day. I believe that each person carries the resources within themselves to create the life they envision. You will learn to access your inner resources to navigate life experiences and deepen your connection to Self.

We sometimes feel the weight of what happened to us is too difficult to carry, but as human beings we are more than the sum of our lived experience.  Healing is not only possible, it is inevitable.

Whether you are seeking individual therapy to tackle depression, reduce anxiety or heal from trauma, holistic therapy may be right for you. In holistic therapy, we begin with the recognition that you are whole and complete.  My work is to help you access your own internal resources.  We do so using healing methods that allow you to address the pain while acknowledging your wholeness.

jamie-rizzo-therapy-imdividual-therapyBut therapy is not simply about crisis and coping, it is also about moving through the pain and limitations of our past experiences to fully step into our lives with excitement, passion and fire.

Fire is about passion and purpose. Fire lights our way and burns through all the blockages–uncertainty, sadness, fear–that stand in our path. In holistic therapy, our work together is to rediscover and reclaim your fire.

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jamie-rizzo-mft-intern-lotus-flowerI have created this website to provide information and encouragement wherever you may be on your path. If the information here resonates with you, I hope you will contact me or call 510-457-1534 for a free 15-30 minute consultation to see how we might work together to achieve your goals.