One of my favorite ways to work with clients is through the use of hypnotherapy. I trained to become a hypnotherapist in 1987 with Holly Holmes-Meredith at the Hypnosis Clearing House in Lafayette, CA. The healing that occurred during that training solidified it as a modality I would use with future clients.

Many years later I returned to college to obtain my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Transpersonal Psychology. Staying with my heartfelt belief that we are more than this physical body and my life’s work is to be of service and help others access the answers they carry within. In 2014 I trained with the amazing Eric Greenleaf, PhD in Eriksonian Hypnosis for Psychotherapy, a modality founded by Milton H. Erikson. Eric truly carries trance in his being and it takes just being around him to sink in and dive deeper into self and a subconscious state. He let me know that I too carry the trance.

Let’s talk about trance states and what they are. Being guided into a trance state does not meant you will bark like a dog or forget what has happened while under as seen in movies. Instead, it allows us to work on a subconscious level where the work can be deeply absorbed, held, and processed.

A trance state is a deep state of relaxation where we can explore arising issues and deepen into an awareness that surpasses the mental clutter. It takes us out of our heads and into the experience. As I take clients into a trance state and guide them through different journeys of awareness, I can see their subconscious minds taking it all in. The answers that come to them are profound and I am only a trusted guide in their self-revelation. I feel so grateful to be a part of their process.

Hypnotherapy can be interactive, or it can be me gently guiding you through a trance journey. You are free to talk or be silent in your experience. Eriksonian Hypnosis is more like storytelling and less interactive. I lead you on a journey with my words and through my words you deepen into a trance state and your subconscious takes you where you need to go. At the end of each session I assure time for processing what has come up or giving you space to write in your journal about the experience.

I am often asked, “Did I fall asleep? How do you know if I was awake and listening?” My answer is simple-I watch your body language, your facial expressions, I know whether you are responding to my words and in a trance state versus falling asleep. I point out that if you come back to the space as I count you back then you also know that you have been listening.

People remember what is most important for them to remember on a conscious level. However, the memory of the trance is fully stored in the subconscious. It may reveal itself through dreams or a waking experience may trigger a memory of the trance journey.

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Our subconscious mind is amazing!

Jamie Rizzo

Jamie Rizzo

I am an LMFT serving all of California through Teletherapy.