Relationship Therapy

You are tired of arguing, of talking without being heard. When your partner is talking during arguments, all you can hear is the voice of the Charlie Brown teacher in your head, “Blah, blah, blah.” You feel compelled to defend yourself and your mind spins with your next come back or you feel overwhelmed and the words just won’t come. You want to understand where your partner is coming from and have them understand you, but it feels hopeless. The friction between you creates a disconnection and you long to reconnect as a partners, as friends, and as lovers.

Through our work together, I will assist you in exploring each of your experiences within the relationship, shining a light into the dark places and bridging the gap into each other’s world. You will learn the past experiences that are influencing your words and reactions in your present relationship(s). As arguments become conversations and clarity outweighs confusion, I will guide you deeper into your joint experience and help you to create your ideal vision for your relationship together. You will feel connected to each other on a deeper level and your relationship will become your safe place to fall; a haven from the outside stressors rather than yet another hurdle to over come. Contact me for a free 15-30 minute consultation and let’s begin your journey to creating your ideal relationship.

In my practice, I use the tools of Imago Relationship Therapy to help partners re-learn the lost art of listening.

Through the Imago Dialogue, couples learn to speak in “I” statements, focusing on their own feelings and reactions rather than on shaming or blaming their partners.

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*Note: The characters depicted here are fictitious and are not drawn from actual clients.