Holistic Therapy for the Heart and Soul.

Serving Clients in California through Teletherapy.

Individual Therapy

We sometimes feel the weight of what happened to us is too difficult to carry, but as human beings we are more than the sum of our lived experience. Healing is not only possible, it is inevitable. But how?

 Couples Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy teaches couples the lost art of listening. In my practice, I use the Imago tools as well as other couples-based modalities to foster communication and help rekindle the bond of love and trust once more.

Group Therapy For Women

Stay Tuned

In holistic therapy, we begin with the recognition that you are whole and complete. My work is to help you access your own internal resources.


Hello. I'm Jamie.

My work as a Transpersonal Marriage and Family Therapist is to help you access your own internal resources. I provide a sacred space in which my clients feel comfortable to begin the journey with me just as they are.